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RTA 84 Debt Collection

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When it comes to the 84 RTA debt collection principles, Regional Collection Services are top of the pile. With over 20 years experience in effective debt collection, our clients can rest assured that our transition into RTA 84 debt collection is just as proficient.

The RTA 84 enables our certificated bailiffs, when charged, to undertake steps to recover unpaid PCNs (penalty charge notices) for clients. In accordance with the RTA 84 and RTA 91 the processes through which debt collection ensues are as follows:

  • Penalty Charge Notice
    Parking ticket issued by local authority.
  • Notice to Owner
    Notice issued by local authority to the registered keeper.
  • Charge Certificate
    Issued by local authority to the registered keeper.
  • Debt Registration
    The penalty becomes a civil debt at this stage.
  • Recovery Order
    Preparation and issue of an order for the recovery of the unpaid PCN.
  • Authority to Issue Warrant
    Local Authority requests permission from TEC to issue warrant.
  • Warrant of Execution
    Preparation and issue of a Warrant of Execution.

Our RTA 84 debt collection system is set up with the full understanding of these processes and our parking fine clients can be safe in the knowledge that we DO cater for these needs and are ready to integrate any exisiting local authority systems into our own, in the best interests of our clients.


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