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Debt Recovery for Local Authority Clients

Regional Collection Services have long standing, successful relationships with a large number of local authority clients. Predominantly these clients are based throughout the northern region of the UK. We have been collecting outstanding debts on behalf of local authority clients for over 25 years now and have consistently increased collection rates. Our operations comprise of a fully equipped no cost solution to debt recovery for our clients. A simple business model that allows you to get your money back and us to operate within the guidelines and practices laid out by the Enforcement Services Association (formerly certificated Bailiffs Association).

All civilian enforcement officers who work for Regional Collection Services are well versed in the latest ESA guidelines. They are locally employed, with backgrounds suiting the job and are very professional in their approach. When it comes to collecting local authority debt, whether it be council tax, nndr, rent arrears or sundry debt, our CEOs operate in the umost best practice. What this means to our clients is that at no cost to themselves, they are receiving higher collection rates than they've ever exeperienced before.

We have a fully comprehensive complaints procedure for both defaulter and client and it is our policy that all resolutions are reached within 7 working days from the date of complaint.

It is policies like this that make Regional Collection Services the leading company in the North East for the recovery of local authority debt.


How to Contact Us:

Regional Collection Services Limited

44 West Sunniside

Tel: 0191 567 6749
Fax: 0191 510 9170


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