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The Enforcement Services Association (Certificated Bailiffs Association) was formed in 1906 to provide a central organisation for certificated bailiffs and civil law enforcement agents and to promote ethical and professional conduct among members.

Regional Collection Services are members of the Enforcement Services Association. Our managing director, Mr Robert Neil, is a member of the elected council and our chairman, Mr Grant Mitchell has held the post of president in previous years.

As a member of the Enforcement Services Association, Regional Collection Services adhere to its Code of Practice. In accordance to the Association's code of practice, we will "maintain high standards of business ethics and practices in order to not bring the Association or the enforcement or the bailiff profession generally into disrepute." Nor will we "discriminate on the grounds of age, colour, creed, disability, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation."

We will comply with all defined legislation, case law and all health and safety requirements in carrying out enforcement. We will comply with data protection legislation and maintain strict client confidentiality at all times. We will also ensure professional indemnity insurance cover is maintained to our client's satisfaction. We will maintain client accounts, which will be audited at least once a year, and all members will account for cleared funds in accordance with clients' instructions.

Our enforcement officers will, at all times, appear smartly groomed, dressed neatly and soberly, and behave courteously. We will not misrepresent the powers, qualifications, capacity, experience or ability of ourselves or our staff, agents or business associates.  Letters, notices and other documentation sent or delivered to debtors will not be ambiguous or misleading.

We will co-operate with and submit to the Association's disciplinary procedure (including recourse to independent adjudication).  We will, on request, provide any person or organisation with the name, address and the telephone number of the Association in order to make a complaint or for any other reason.

In all other instances we will comply fully with the Code of Practice, of which the entire contents can be read at ESA Code of Practice.


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