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RTA 91 Bailiff Enforcement

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As part of Regional Collection Service's Road Traffic Act '91 bailiff enforcement services, our specialised parking fine enforcement department can integrate your systems into our dedicated rta 91 set-up. Bespoke design and level of service provides our parking clients with all the seemless integration you need to get the full benefit from our parking services.

We distribute our nationwide cases throughout our extensive recovery network. This enables our clients to constantly monitor our consistent, effective recovery statistics. What this means to our clients is that whether or not their parking fine was issued to motorists within their district, Regional Collection Services will recover it for them and allow them the facility to monitor OUR performance.

Our dedicated staff operate a direct payment telephone line, and our IT system allows payments made to be immediately recorded for addition to cases where our clients can check up on the status of their case via our link at any time.

When it comes to enforcement procedures, our RTA 91 bailiff enforcement team are top of the list. Fully adherent to ESA guidelines, fully aware of RTA 91 implications, allowances and policies, our bailiff enforcement of the RTA 91 is second to none.

With our new order of professional immobilisation devices to add to our existing devices,  and securities on a CCTV secure impound, our RTA 91 Bailiff Enforcement procedures continue to mature into a fully customizable, integratable, complete local authority parking fine enforcement solution.

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We help recover unpaid parking fines on behalf of local authorites.

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