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Parking Fine Enforcement and Collection

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Our specialist parking fine enforcement department comprises the latest technological advances to help you collect and enforce your outstanding parking fines. As a client of Regional Collection Services you can expect front end efficient collection and enforcement services, in line with the decriminalisation of parking fines amended in the RTA (Road Traffic Act) 1991.

As part of our complete, bespoke parking fine enforcement service, we offer:

  1. Nationwide Parking Fine Enforcement Coverage.
  2. ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.
  3. Effective fine collection.
  4. Vehicle immobilisation and vehicle removal.
  5. CCTV secure pound management.
  6. DVLA verification processing.
  7. Correspondence management and payment control.
  8. Notices to owners (including reminders and final notices).
  9. Online payment facility (tailored to your authority).
  10. Telephone payment service via our dedicated payment lines.
  11. Flawless Enforcement and Collection of parking fines.

Whilst our knowledge in the field of parking fine enforcement grows, so to does our desire to provide the most complete parking fine enforcement and collection service in the country. We have invested heavily in our research, which has enabled us to draw up the most comprehensive, practical and viable local authority-driven parking strategy you will come across. This strategy is now entering its final stages of implementation. For further information regarding our parking enforcement and collection, contact our director, who will take the time out to deal with your enquiry himself:
Mr Grant Mitchell


How to Contact Us:

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Parking Fine Enforcement
We help recover unpaid parking fines on behalf of local authorites.

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