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Professionalism and Conduct of the Civil Enforcement Officer

Civil Enforcement officers should always produce relevant identification on request, such as a badge or ID card, together with a written authorisation to act on behalf of the creditor.

Civil Enforcement officers must act within the law at all times, including all defined legislation and observe all health and safety requirements in carrying out enforcement. They must maintain strict client confidentiality and comply with Data Protection legislation and, where appropriate the Freedom of Information Act.

Civil Enforcement officers, for the purpose of distress or execution shall, without the use of unlawful force, gain access to the goods. The enforcement agent will produce an inventory of the goods seized and leave it with the debtor, or at the premises, with any other documents that are required by regulations or statute.

Civil Enforcement officers must carry out their duties in a professional, calm and dignified manner. They must dress appropriately and act with discretion and fairness.

Civil Enforcement officers must not misrepresent their powers, qualifications, capacities, experience or abilities.

Civil Enforcement officers must not discriminate unfairly on any grounds including those of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

In circumstances where the enforcement agency requires it, and always where there have been previous acts of, or threats of violence by a debtor, a risk assessment should be undertaken prior to the enforcement agent attending a debtor's premises.

Adapted from the Department of Constitutional Affairs Website:


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